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Measure and predict to improve your business


Georferencing, Optimal Market Strategies, Business Solutions, etc.


Economic Analysis, Forcasting, Market Reports, etc


Benchmark, Consumer, Analysis, etc.

Analisis predictivo del negocio


Market Forecast

We have designed this tool in order to have a clear and high-level precision reference to uncover trends and spotting paterns in key-variables for your business, You will have a better strategic planning on demand and inventories, understand the impact of new products and have a greater capacity of reaction to sudden adjustments. 

Our experienced team of consultants will help you to give form also to the variables that are impulsing this trends.

Optimal Commercial Policy Strategies

We measure the impact of commercial policies with econometric models to be able to choose the optimal mix and levels of incentives granted in accordance with the objectives of cost effectiveness and volume.a el futuro.

Optimal Price Fixing Strategies

The prices analysis has emerged like an important tool to increase the cost effectiveness, especially in highly competitive markets like the automotive sector. Our team will manage to make the data mining and develop forecasting models and algorithms to determine which is the optimal price that will maximize the sales and profits.

Business Solutions

We develop custom studies data-driven which together with our experts’ team and experience in the industry, provide business solutions founding strong relations of cause and effect to predict results. Our business solutions are relevant, trustworthy, and pertinent to make decisions when the client and/or the industry have suitable data with integrity and consistence for its analysis, no matter which problem is.

Business Solutions.png
Inteligencia Económica


Economic Analysis

With our reports of economic analysis, we provide an outlook of the macroeconomic environment for the automotive industry and other sectors, which is relevant to help our clients to make strategic decisions. We accomplish this combining rigorous research data based with the experience of our consultants in strategic business analysis.

Análisis de mercado
Market Reports

Considering our economic analysis and sales behavior in the industry, we elaborate periodic reports specifically for each client where we analyze in a detailed manner the trends, segments, and behavior of relevant variables like inventories, for each of their products. Our market reports can include, in request, the forecasts in different levels (for example: brand, segments, models, competence, regions) and the economic analysis on which we are based on.

Automotive market drivers.png


Métricas de Mercado

Attend our customers’ needs on its’ industry conducting market research that allows them to compare with their competitors in subjects related with: prices, incentives, financial offer, insurances, cost of maintenance and post sales services, etc.


Through the statistical analysis of products or custumers data, we can offer segmentations that will allow yo:

  • Establish which products are the competition of yours.

  • Target markets by differentiating types of customers.


Using our algorithms of georeferencing analysis of economic and market information, along with our experience in the industry, we can provide to our clients with feasibility studies to determine the strategic location for new establishments like concessionaires, fuel stations, workshops, and auto part shops, among others.

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